at the end
you have to

and sometimes
there’s a bench

i’ve been sitting on the bench for a while now
missing words
kids have a way of taking them
stuffing them under the couch cushions
burying them under piles of laundry
hiding them behind constant interruptions

he sent me on a walk last night
told me to take care of myself
and by the time i got back to where i’d started
i felt a little piece of myself return

now to not lose it

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It’s only taken six years…

…but I’ve finally got some items up in my etsy store! Yay me!

Flower Up Close

Sun and Moon Up Close

P.S. I’m sorta hooked on pyrography now…

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not quite yellow


we bought a house in January 

it’s not yellow or new 

but it’s a farmhouse 

way back when 

someone that lived here 

loved flowers


lilacs expecially like

six bushes worth!


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. . . 


I’ve walked so many times to the sea

And she always tells me

You found your sailor

You found your sailor 

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So much has happened…


Wow, omg, dude! It’s been so long, so very long, since I did anything in this place. I was trying to convert it over to feature my art, but that never quite panned out. And though I’ve got lots of ideas, I still haven’t time to do much besides take care of my family and myself. I miss it being a little quiet corner here, and now that I’ve been gone for so long, it’s starting to feel that way again. Maybe I’ll come back and hang out again. Maybe I’ve finally reached my tolerance capacity for FB, which is a highly addictive (and destructive in many ways) place to be. It’s like getting a new video game and wanting to play it all day – or when you find a favorite song and play it on repeat – only it takes a lot longer to get sick of FB I think. It’s got some major hooks, I tell ya!

Anyway, things look a lot different over here, so it’ll take some getting used to. I sort of hate change. I like it when things look/stay the same. Technically at least. Not that I’d want to go back to dial-up internet service again (shudder!).

Meanwhile, here’s a pick of my littlest munchin on her very first Easter. I put a few Reeses’ eggs in her basket for her daddy and I, and she was a little perturbed at me not letting her eat them herself. :)

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