Thank you for stopping by!

After a prolonged sabbatical, I’m super excited to be back to creating and blogging! Please note that this website is primarily a blog (for now anyway), and that all available products are to be found on my etsy shop (link provided via widget on the sidebar). I’m working out the logistics of incorporating all my ¬†creative facets into one website/business. I’m hoping that it’s actually possible to put it all out there, and turn it into something that not only brightens the world, but allows me to keep doing what I love to do the most: create!

So, you’ve got my etsy shop, some art work, and a blog of various ramblings, prose, and poetry (if I be so daring as to call it that). I hope you enjoy!

2 comments on “Thank you for stopping by!
  1. Kathy Avilla says:

    Enjoyed your beautiful art at the Bellingham Art Walk tonight!

  2. Anjolie says:

    Ack! I somehow missed this comment! Things got really crazy the more pregnant I became, trying to juggle life and school, but I’m starting to catch up now and am almost ready to launch my new website. I closed down my little studio for a few months, with the new baby here and all, but am hoping to find a place to exhibit during art walks soon (possibility in the works for October). Meanwhile, making adjustments and game plans! Thanks for coming here and hopefully, in the future (soon), my new online site!

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