I needed these like I needed…

Oh wait, that’s not true at all…

I NEEDED these…

‘Coz I’m dancin’ through my life like never before…

And though I’m sure to slip and fall from time to time…

It actually IS more comfortable to stay on one’s toes with proper heel support…

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4 comments on “I needed these like I needed…
  1. RJ says:

    With shoes like those, you’d want to get right back up on your toes again. So falls are temporary. Transitory.
    Plus, uhmm, they’re very pretty to gaze at…

  2. Anjolie says:

    Temporary – Transitory….I like that. Get right back up on my toes. Yes. That’s exactly what I was trying to say. :)

    And they are pretty aren’t they. I stole a few glances in the mirror while I was dancing in them and they were a bit distracting… ;)

  3. RSM says:

    You needed them like you need oxygen… sometimes, it really is that simple. It just… is.

  4. Anjolie says:

    A lungful of leatherbreath…

    Wait, that doesn’t sound as pretty as it smells…

    But oh, walk into a shoe shop and it smells so good. :)

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