I’ve thought about starting a food blog before…

…but then I always think, what the heck do I know about cooking? Not much.

But I do enjoy going to the farmer’s market and falling prey to sly marketing techniques (like setting out free recipe cards for a delicious berry cobbler which calls for lavender sugar which then means you need to buy food grade lavender with which to craft your lavender sugar (mine will be done in two more days)).

The blackberries here are in mid-bloom. I still have a bag from last Fall in my freezer.

Those last two paragraphs are intimately connected. You’ll see in a few days. Meanwhile…

Last weekend I went back to the little wine bar that I first went to a few weeks ago where I got hooked (one glass does too equate to being “hooked!”) on a Pinot Gris that I have yet to locate at my local grocer (any of them!). I’m finding this somewhat annoying. This probably means that I’ll have to venture the two miles to Fairhaven and check at the official wine shop. Two miles!

It’s not really a big deal – I go there every Thursday as it is.

To Fairhaven that is, not the wine store. Full-time single-mama college students must stay away from high-end wine stores. Everyone knows this.

Anywhoo, not only did I get to enjoy a glass of my favorite Pinot Gris to date (which I’m still adamant isn’t the same as a Pinot Grigio (I don’t care what they say!)) but they had honey poached apricots with french vanilla ice cream on their special’s board. How could I not? And there were three apricots…and three of us (one is hiding under the whipped cream)…and it was the best combination I’ve put in my mouth in centuries. It even beat out the gluten-free pineapple hamburger I’d had for dinner that day (which I didn’t think was toppable).

Oh yes, Summer is here…

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