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lost conifers

what is it in that moment when your chest falls in upon itself and it feels as if every piece of you is breaking sound escaping which your ears don’t recognize as birthed from your own throat you look down

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Because you can’t do homework all day…

And because calmer seas don’t have to mean melancholy ones… Though I can’t guarantee some melancholy won’t seep in here. But the idea is blue buttercream cloud-filled skies… And smooth seagreen waters full of life… For happy hearts to set

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Lately, it feels as if nearly every word I utter/write is TMI… So, I turned to my camera (phone) instead only to end up feeling like it was TMI as well… Perhaps this is my life. TMI. Repeat. TMI. Repeat.

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Choosing Happiness

I once heard said, that the day you run out of excuses is the day your life changes… My stories help me understand… Sharing my stories helps me break the chains that tie my present to the past…(sometimes this takes

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Present Tango

There was a fellow I danced with way back when – back when I was a beginning tango dancer – beginning as in black-and-blue toenail stage of beginnings…and this fellow, he gave me two black toes.  He was a beginner

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