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I needed these like I needed…

Oh wait, that’s not true at all… I NEEDED these… ‘Coz I’m dancin’ through my life like never before… And though I’m sure to slip and fall from time to time… It actually IS more comfortable to stay on one’s

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blood moon tango

i danced the night away until the blood red moon overflowed until tears spilled out over the Seattle sky i danced until there was nothing left of me but the nothing i danced until i bled every last drop of

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I still have my red shoes, yes I do, yes I do…

And today I swept my floors for the first time in seven weeks. (Okay, so hubby swept them a few times too but they were seriously b.a.d.)  It felt like a major accomplishment and I can handle the clutter much better when

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Pink Diamonds

“Well thats one way to lose these walking blues…. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes” ~the ever awesome Paul Simon We went dancing.  Little pink sparkled-footed girl and I.  I wasn’t sure just how she’d do.  She’s often not the best

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solitary dancing

  and Goddess will dance alone if she has to with blue light of the moon reflecting off of the snow outside to light the room and casting Her shadow against the wall she breathes what do I want from you? only everything

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