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If only I were thinner…

I used to think, that in 2.6 lbs my life would be perfect… That at 155 lbs I would be happiness itself personified and all would be right in my world… I got down to 153.8 (or was that 152.3?)

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conifer round

I love my thighs. They are strong and round like the trunks of trees.  I can push through them and root deep into the ground. No one can topple me over. They are mighty. I can kick out against the

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I needed these like I needed…

Oh wait, that’s not true at all… I NEEDED these… ‘Coz I’m dancin’ through my life like never before… And though I’m sure to slip and fall from time to time… It actually IS more comfortable to stay on one’s

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No more fairytales…

I find it is better to be happy with what is… And not worry so much about what it isn’t. They have a financial investment in selling us romance… And of course, I’d like to believe… But as soon as

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I’ve never been one of those kinds of girls….

You know the kind, the ones that have their hair done and their nails painted and their makeup just so.  I’ve never been into wearing a skirt everyday (can you say “blue jeans”?) or walking around in 3 inch heels

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