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she could not see the dark clouds or feel as the rain began to fall the sharp bite to come felt only like promises. the wind told her it was time to go home pulled at her hair and twisted

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sidewalk gathering

  I spied this little fellow on a lavender bush as my girl and I were walking home from her daycare the other day. (PS. I’m taking summer classes so she’s taking six weeks of awesome adventure camp.) Anyways, I

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I’ve thought about starting a food blog before…

…but then I always think, what the heck do I know about cooking? Not much. But I do enjoy going to the farmer’s market and falling prey to sly marketing techniques (like setting out free recipe cards for a delicious

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I used to bite my nails, among other things…

And I just realized I haven’t bit them in months… I’ve bitten them since I was a little girl… If I can stop biting my nails, what can’t I do? I’m thinking the sky is the limit but how about

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i find that cherryshine in the most surprising places at times. underneath a pillow behind the glass just over the hill on the other side of the street, most often around the corner or down the alley. dew drops last

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