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I might’ve stolen these lilacs (from the neighbors who don’t mow their yard) and ‘accidentally’ paired them with my “Joy the Baker” cookbook for this photo…and then I might’ve moved them onto my bedside table for dreams… Advertisements

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conifer round

I love my thighs. They are strong and round like the trunks of trees.  I can push through them and root deep into the ground. No one can topple me over. They are mighty. I can kick out against the

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I don’t want to be Delilah (anymore or ever again)…

Really. Though it does explain all those Star Trek fantasies… You know, the kind where you make Mr. Spock laugh… And you get Commander Data to fall in love with you. After all…you’re special remember? Aerodynamic even… But frogs can’t

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If you’re yellow, be yellow!

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” ~Dolly Parton   (I wish I felt yellow today….)

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Women Rule!

“Girls rule.” I said. “Yes, we can but we don’t want to.” she replied. I’m still mulling over this one. I don’t think it’s entirely true.  There are certainly many women who are completely capable of ruling and have done

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