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I might’ve stolen these lilacs (from the neighbors who don’t mow their yard) and ‘accidentally’ paired them with my “Joy the Baker” cookbook for this photo…and then I might’ve moved them onto my bedside table for dreams… Advertisements

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lost conifers

what is it in that moment when your chest falls in upon itself and it feels as if every piece of you is breaking sound escaping which your ears don’t recognize as birthed from your own throat you look down

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Painting for Little Me

It was suggested that I do things to love on my inner-child so, I brought out pictures of little me and set them around my art table, not quite sure how to go about directing love at that little girl

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Book of Happiness

I’m feeling really down.  That ‘icky February, spring is NEVER going to come and I should just go eat worms if I could only dig them outta the frozen ground’ kind of down. Me and my little girl sat down

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Fragmented by Fractions

I’ve gone back to school for accounting of all things.  That may change, but for right now that’s what I’m trying on for size.  I love the wonderful neatness of accounting.  How everything has it’s place and how every problem

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