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sometimes at the end you have to jump and sometimes sometimes there’s a bench i’ve been sitting on the bench for a while now missing words kids have a way of taking them stuffing them under the couch cushions burying

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on losing

Update: I went to the doctor and was told that what I have experienced is called a “threatened abortion.” I am still pregnant, but have a list of things I can not do. Mostly, I have to take it easy

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I’ve thought about starting a food blog before…

…but then I always think, what the heck do I know about cooking? Not much. But I do enjoy going to the farmer’s market and falling prey to sly marketing techniques (like setting out free recipe cards for a delicious

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And on some days…

…you just have to get out of bed.

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Choosing Happiness

I once heard said, that the day you run out of excuses is the day your life changes… My stories help me understand… Sharing my stories helps me break the chains that tie my present to the past…(sometimes this takes

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