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Lately, it feels as if nearly every word I utter/write is TMI… So, I turned to my camera (phone) instead only to end up feeling like it was TMI as well… Perhaps this is my life. TMI. Repeat. TMI. Repeat.

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dandelion cotton fields

Lately, I’ve been feeling very soft… Very soft indeed… Vulnerable. And even though I am always reaching for the light to shine through my thin skin… I find I’ve been tip-toeing back through the diffused spaces…(they feel safer)… And making

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Walking With

Healing takes work… And long walks… And oceans… Great company doesn’t hurt… Especially when it inspires… And takes perfectly orchestrated fingers-partially-over-the-lens photographs… And reminds us of the importance of balance… And taking time to just gaze… Because life really is

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Present Tango

There was a fellow I danced with way back when – back when I was a beginning tango dancer – beginning as in black-and-blue toenail stage of beginnings…and this fellow, he gave me two black toes.  He was a beginner

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Painting for Little Me

It was suggested that I do things to love on my inner-child so, I brought out pictures of little me and set them around my art table, not quite sure how to go about directing love at that little girl

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