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And so it goes…

Sometimes it feels as if something has been lost When, in fact, it has been found. I didn’t lose tango… It’s just that what I used to look for within it Has been found. Which leaves me in the peculiar

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Being vulnerable is…

Being vulnerable is…telling the truth. Every time. It’s telling the truth. Not hiding. Not being defensive. Not finding something close to the truth… When I most miss him, I can hardly bring myself to pick up the phone. I don’t

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I used to bite my nails, among other things…

And I just realized I haven’t bit them in months… I’ve bitten them since I was a little girl… If I can stop biting my nails, what can’t I do? I’m thinking the sky is the limit but how about

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Choosing Happiness

I once heard said, that the day you run out of excuses is the day your life changes… My stories help me understand… Sharing my stories helps me break the chains that tie my present to the past…(sometimes this takes

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“I thought I saw a light shine…”

  And it was you.    

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