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Lately, it feels as if nearly every word I utter/write is TMI… So, I turned to my camera (phone) instead only to end up feeling like it was TMI as well… Perhaps this is my life. TMI. Repeat. TMI. Repeat.

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i miss you

i miss you here and i miss you here and i miss you here and right here a whole, whole lot… and even here.   i miss you in all the places that it hurts the most beautifully…   and

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No more fairytales…

I find it is better to be happy with what is… And not worry so much about what it isn’t. They have a financial investment in selling us romance… And of course, I’d like to believe… But as soon as

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in the beginning there was a light in your eyes reflecting back on me I swore I saw heaven and each time the darkness came over us I would remember the light I saw in those most beautiful of moments

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On this pale Sunday afternoon…

Pink and Bushmills and yes, garlic in my chili please… Momma’s hot glue gun and broken (now fixed) Halloween decorations… Kitty ghosts chasing me through half-asleep dreams… October time. November time. December time. Already waiting for Spring…   ~Our beloved

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