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Einstein isn’t always right, she said…

Reality is, sometimes the distance between A and B is just too far… Not that I didn’t want him to be right… Or you to be wrong…   Advertisements

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“The One” is tricky stuffs…(and reasons why friendships are so important).

  I’ve thought I’d found “the one” before…and been wrong… I’ve thought that “the one” would be an obvious thing but it isn’t always… “the one” is, quite simply, the one that stays… Not the one you try to lock

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No more fairytales…

I find it is better to be happy with what is… And not worry so much about what it isn’t. They have a financial investment in selling us romance… And of course, I’d like to believe… But as soon as

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The things that get you through it all…

And I’m not just talking about winter… Or the holidays… But the things and people who get you through the darkest of times… I am so blessed with friendships… Deep ones, good ones, made-it-through-the-storm ones, spinning star ones, 20+ years

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blood moon tango

i danced the night away until the blood red moon overflowed until tears spilled out over the Seattle sky i danced until there was nothing left of me but the nothing i danced until i bled every last drop of

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