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dandelion cotton fields

Lately, I’ve been feeling very soft… Very soft indeed… Vulnerable. And even though I am always reaching for the light to shine through my thin skin… I find I’ve been tip-toeing back through the diffused spaces…(they feel safer)… And making

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time to breathe again

i know what they say about love i know the endings to all the stories i know that what is real isn’t always so pretty i know love hurts as well as heals that sometimes it goes away; sometimes it

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i find that cherryshine in the most surprising places at times. underneath a pillow behind the glass just over the hill on the other side of the street, most often around the corner or down the alley. dew drops last

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alice in wonderland

The things you hear on the Moon and Sea radio station…

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1000 Oceans

I once read that there are over a 100 different shades of green one can find in a single view of the Irish countryside… I believe that estimate is likely far below the reality… But from that moment on I

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