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And so it goes…

Sometimes it feels as if something has been lost When, in fact, it has been found. I didn’t lose tango… It’s just that what I used to look for within it Has been found. Which leaves me in the peculiar

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I’ve lost the tango magic…

This weekend is the big tango festival in Seattle, WA. I had planned on going. I even bought a lovely new skirt to wear. Sometimes though, plans have to change and circumstances have it that I’ll be home with my

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I needed these like I needed…

Oh wait, that’s not true at all… I NEEDED these… ‘Coz I’m dancin’ through my life like never before… And though I’m sure to slip and fall from time to time… It actually IS more comfortable to stay on one’s

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Present Tango

There was a fellow I danced with way back when – back when I was a beginning tango dancer – beginning as in black-and-blue toenail stage of beginnings…and this fellow, he gave me two black toes.  He was a beginner

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No more fairytales…

I find it is better to be happy with what is… And not worry so much about what it isn’t. They have a financial investment in selling us romance… And of course, I’d like to believe… But as soon as

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