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chicken soup

So, I’ve been sicksicksick. And instead of it just being me and my girl braving The Cold alone, we had help. And gosh, having the help this past weekend was wonderful. Chicken soup. Dishes done. Tea made. Covers tucked in.

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I’ve thought about starting a food blog before…

…but then I always think, what the heck do I know about cooking? Not much. But I do enjoy going to the farmer’s market and falling prey to sly marketing techniques (like setting out free recipe cards for a delicious

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The things that get you through it all…

And I’m not just talking about winter… Or the holidays… But the things and people who get you through the darkest of times… I am so blessed with friendships… Deep ones, good ones, made-it-through-the-storm ones, spinning star ones, 20+ years

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i belong to the music (a continuation of “on being ‘good enough'”)

i started going out to dance for the dance… and for the haunting music. but it wasn’t hardly a moment before i started worrying about whether or not i could belong. and whether or not i’d ever be ‘good’ (let alone

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Flower Oval Ice Cream vs Hooter

This is Flower Oval Ice Cream.  She is the newest addition to Emma’s family of not-real-but-getting-there animals.  She came in from a dear friend of my husband’s and she is much loved already.  If she gets dirty she’ll likely take

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