Re(a)d Letters


Sometimes it starts so small….
just an invitation.
And so I was invited to participate….
and to make a contribution.
Who knew I had so much give?
I think he knew…
of course he did…
How else could I have done what I’ve done,
if someone hadn’t believed in me.

At times we’ve been writing the same story and at times each to our own.  Always together following the red line though…always together chasing the crimson tides when they rose.

I started out chasing one question to the next…
not quite certain was I was looking for.
Now I know what I’ve been trying to capture in each photograph…
in each line of written thread.
For me (and I can only speak for myself) this has been a journey of a single question:

“Who am I?”

I know who I am now,
but it feels as if the journey has just begun….

3 comments on “Re(a)d Letters
  1. kt says:

    This is very cool… And I like the one red symbol…

  2. enreal says:

    to know ones self is to be blessed with the wisdom of the soul… you are blessed…

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